The Campaign Ends

I am so grateful for all of our business partners, family, and friends that helped with this campaign. You can see our latest video on KickStarter updates. We will have 1 more video that can be viewed by the public and then all of the following videos will be exclusively for the people who backed the project. 

I have learned a lot about people and business in the short span of 40 days! We have many more projects on the rise so keep up with us here on this blog or reach out to us on the contact us tab and type us a note.



Ready for Launch!!

Ok so the time has come, as black history month approaches we decided to launch our kickstarter campaign on Feb 1st! We will keep you posted via instagram and this blog and facebook!! We are excited!! 

That's a wrap!

We shot 3 scenes for our current project "Natural Hair The Movie" on Saturday 10-15-16. We started at 10:30am and wrapped about 4:00pm and completely broke down at 5:00pm. The overall day was a huge success, TEAM GRIND came together and everything ran smoothly. This project is really picking up momentum as we prepare for AFM. The film's website is currently being updated but is now live. New logos and marketing material are in the final stages. Shout out to AD Johnson our music supervisor, he took this picture. 

Closed Captions

We have a few projects that are living on external hard drives, now that the digital revolution is here we can now distribute them online. Our project called "It's Complicated" is being prepped for distribution on Amazon. As I began the upload process, Amazon required closed captioning. Dangitt!! "How do I do that" I asked myself. I was kind of pissed. I mean you work for years on projects and they have all of these rules. So I found a resource on youtube of a guy creating closed captions inside of premiere pro, the same software I used to edit this project. Here is a link if anyone is interested. CLOSED CAPTIONS

So my wife goes to work looking at the movie and typing the dialogue on her computer and I'm in the editing program on my computer copying the dialogue and making sure it matches with the actual movie. 

This may take us a few days to finish. Also, There is a possibility that I have to get new keyart re-created to match the specifications required by Amazon. $$$

I have to hit up my old graphic designer like "hey guy, remember that movie poster you created for me 2-3 years ago? Well yeah I need you to find those files and change the layout and dimensions for Amazon. Can you do that today?"

So these are the things you have to do when you are the distributor of the movie. Everything costs money or you have to do it yourself and hopefully pay yourself later. The goal is to have two of our movies online in the marketplace as we go to AFM this year.