Hello my name is Reginald Titus Jr. I started making movies when I was 10 years old. I would steal my dad's vhs camcorder and make movies with friends and family in the neighborhood. That was in the 90's but much hasn't changed since then. I founded Grind Over Matter Films with a few business partners in 2013. Together we produce movie projects and distribute them. 

Our Story

The first film was created in 2009 called "Why Did You Leave" a Drama starring Lamar Strait and Ashley Sade' it was distributed for free online via youtube for a filmmaker contest by BET called "Lens on Talent" with Sanaa Lathan.  The 2nd Film was created in 2013 called "Its Complicated". The film raised money via indiegogo and later debuted at the Angelika Theater in Dallas Texas on April 23rd 2013. Check out this Press Release.  In 2014 The team turned right back around and produced  a short film entitled "Wrong Girl" a Sci-Fi Thriller ready for release on iTunes in June 2017. Grind Over Matter Films is currently producing a Documentary centered around the Natural Hair Phenomenon in America and Globally. Production began in 2015 and is currently being funded via KickStarter.

The Future

The world has become a digital playground. Content can be created quickly with high production value cheaply. We will take advantage of this opportunity by producing content and distributing on many platforms for our customers convenience. Stick with us on our journey. You can catch us annually at the AFM in Santa Monica or at a random film festival near you.